Power struggle | Government class runs presidential campaign

Students in Jess Rutledge's government class are running for President!  Every year government students create posters and campaign videos like real politicians to simulate a political race. “I started doing this assignment when I first arrived at WHS eight years ago. I was looking for more projects in the senior government class and got the idea from a former professor at Kansas State,” Rutledge said.

Seniors create presidential posters

In the government class fake election, students created campaign posters and videos to present to the class. "It's a fun activity to give the kids an idea of what it's like to run for office," government teacher Jess Rutledge said.

Government classes propose facility upgrades

When given the chance to choose improvements for the school and Alma community, the senior government class chose to focus on building and improving sporting facilities.

Every year the Wabaunsee government class writes and proposes bills for improving the school and community.

The process begins with each student suggesting five possible bills. Once the list is combined the class begins to debate and narrow down to their top three overall. Along with debating which bills to push, students have to plan out all the possible questions the bills need to address.

L.A.F. Save America

Laurel, Adam, and Falisha invite Chad Chambers and Dan Flach on the pod to take the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. Take the quiz before listening and join them to figure out your political ideology. Some background information on the World’s Smallest Political Quiz.

Government classes propose changes

Jess Rutledge’s senior classes aren’t just studying government, they have been attempting to do some governing of their own.

For the last few years, Rutledge has given seniors the opportunity to propose and debate bills of their own in an effort to improve the school. Rutledge said “I wanted them to learn what the legislative process was like; all the arguments and compromises that are made.”

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