Students, staff and community respond to announcement that school will close for the year

At 4 p.m. yesterday, governor Laura Kelly announced that schools will remain closed for the remainder of the school year.

Details about alternative learning via small groups, packets or online assignments will be figured out in the coming weeks, according to an email superintendent Brad Starnes sent to staff. “We're in uncharted waters. We want to be proactive and help our kids,” Starnes wrote.

Students, teachers and parents shared their initial response to the news.

Question of the Week | Unpopular Opinions

What is your most unpopular opinion? “Eminem is not as lyrical as people think he is.” junior Adam Miller “Cottage cheese and tomatoes are good.” sophomore Madison Coffman “Earbuds are better than AirPods. I’m oppressed by AirPod people.” freshman AJ Grutsch “Cereal with milk is gross.” junior Justice Houston “Nutella is disgusting.” freshman Ashley Piper... Continue Reading →

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