A New Vision | WHS art students recreate famous works, with a twist

“Common Foods” by Ryan Grutsch recreates “The Milkmaid” in acrylic paints. Grutsch replaces common foods in the original with foods from our era. “It shows how bright, fake and unhealthy the foods we eat nowadays are,” Grutsch wrote. "This is the first painting I've painted that can have a real meaning taken away from the piece. The thing I most pride myself on with this painting is that I never used black paint. I mixed every color using just the primary colors, and I hope to do many more paintings like this in the future."

Potter wins freshman assassin game

An annual tradition for the freshman English class continued as the students studied “The Most Dangerous Game,” by Richard Connell.

The class read the short story about a rich hunter stocking his private island with the most dangerous animal: humans. For the related assassin game, each student was assigned another student to ‘hunt’ and clip with a clothespin, or to eliminate with a black spot on an item they are holding.

Freshman English teacher Brendan Praeger has had his classes play the game for eight years. “When I student taught, the whole school played a game of assassin and I thought that it would be a fun way to add to the lesson,” Praeger said.

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