Winter Sports Preview | Meseke wants team to build on experience

Winter sports season heats up this week with basketball at Axtell Friday and Wrestling at Mission Valley Saturday. The Charger spoke to Varsity and JV players from each sport for a preview of the season. For an interview with coach Christian Ulsaker and senior Jackson Frank, check out the L.A.F. Podcast.

Sophomore Brayden Meseke

Describe your relationship to basketball. Why is it important to you?

“I’ve played since first grade in the rec and then I started travel ball in third grade. I’ve always been a sports fan and enjoyed watching basketball. I even got a basketball goal for one of my first birthdays and I started shooting hoops afterwards, but it took me five hours to finally make it.”

How do you feel about the new coaching change?

“I like him a lot and I’ve seen a lot of improvement in the team already throughout the season with his coaching.”

How did the team do over the summer? 

“We went 3-3 in the two summer tournaments. The ones we lost we competed well.”

Who do you think are the team leaders?

“Seniors Chad Chambers and Jackson Frank and junior Dawson Schultz.”

What are the team’s goals?

We all want to go to state. That’s the ultimate goal. We for sure want to improve and win more games. We need to win those games, so we can have a winning culture to help finish those close games.

Personal Goals?

I want to get all league and lead our team to state.

Freshman Eli Oliver

What excites you about starting high school basketball?

“The new coach and I’m ready to play the game I love.”

What are you nervous about?

“Playing against older kids who have more experience.”

Describe your relationship to basketball. Why is it important to you?

“I’ve played since kindergarten and started playing on traveling teams in second grade. My family all love to play it and it’s always been a big part of us.”

How did your class do last season?

“Pretty good. We beat the number one team in the tournament, but lost the next one and ended 5th at league. We lost some close games in the season.”

What will the class of 2023 bring to the WHS program?

“We can eventually be assets for the varsity team and win more games.”

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