Question of the Week | School board elections

This week the Charger interviewed each of the school board candidates about issues facing USD 329. Here’s how students and faculty answered some of the same questions.

What are the biggest issues facing the district and the school board right now?

“I feel like the biggest issue is the loss of students going to other school districts due to bad choices made by the school in their ways of doing things and locations of the schools.” — Sophomore Matthew Vanstory

“The high school building being horrible but covering it up with how sports are doing.” — Sophomore Cody Berkenmeier

“The biggest issue is the amount of students bunched up in  the school in Paxico.” — Sophomore Blake Murphy

“I think the biggest issues we are facing right now are getting a bond to pass because of negligence among our communities.” — Senior Kaelyn Conrad

“The problems with the old building at the high school.” — Senior Kara Hafenstine

“I think the biggest issues we are having are mechanical issues at the school. Everything is old.” — Junior Logan Clark

“Hiring for new jobs is an issue.” — Junior Hadlee Diepenbrock

“Lack of subs, lack of sex-ed, and on a more minor note, what to do with students that can’t keep up with work/refuse to do work out of not caring.” — Sophomore Heather Baker

“Funding and disciplinary actions.” — Freshman Ava Huske

“The AC in Mr. Praeger’s room.” — Freshman Rhett Parry

“The biggest glaring issue is the state of the high school.” — Art teacher Brianna Guinn

What are steps the school should take as far as facilities and future bond issues?

“Infrastructure has to be updated. No choice, because the message you send to kids is that they aren’t worth it.” — Art teacher Brianna Guinn

“The public is in need of solid answers to all the questions related to money and facilities.” — Science teacher Lisa Hull

“Make smart budgetary choices so we can save money to fix things within the school. Fundraise.” — Junior Annie Wright

“I think we need to educate our community better. I have a feeling most people don’t understand WHY we need an updated building. They think we just want it, which is not the case.” — Junior Oliva Mayer

“Actually provide a plan so people know what’s happening.” — Junior Kent Berkenmeier

“Trying to get a lot more people in our county to buy into the bond.” — Junior Eli Oliver

“Get nice functioning facilities with a reduced cost to give people incentive to pay for the bond.” — Junior Ryan Schutter

“I think the board should try and come up with a bond that is a bit cheaper than the last one because I know that was a problem and the board really needs to try and get everyone on board and not do the bond election too soon.” — Senior Kaelyn Conrad

“I honestly say take the old building down. The majority of stuff in here is extremely outdated, and the AC/Heating is obviously not working properly.” — Senior Lauren Schutter

“I think the school should put lots of planning into the bond before attempting to pass it again.” — Sophomore Jackson Frey

In making budgetary choices, what particular educational needs of students will be your priority?

“I think a sexual education should be heavily considered, and better materials for classes with hands on work (ie. chemistry or biology).” — Sophomore Jackson Frey

“I think that students need to have a safe place to go to school and learn. Some of the school just aren’t very safe.” — Sophomore Calvin Magette

“Saving and knowing how not to spend and waste money on pointless things.” — Sophomore Jaeden Phillips

“No more Leader In Me. Using the money put into that for other things, such as better wi-fi throughout the entire school. Specifically wi-fi that works on all devices, school property or not. “ — Sophomore Sienna Jones

“AC/Heating since Winter is coming soon and I’d be in the school without a winter coat!! And I’m sure Rutledge would like to have heating without the drip in his room.” — Senior Lauren Schutter

“I would probably focus on the core classes because that’s what everyone will continue to need in their futures.” — Senior Kara Hafenstine

“Students need good and caring teachers.” — Science teacher Lisa Hull

“Helping those that are falling behind/can’t keep up and also we need money in the music/art department, trust me, it’s bad.” — Sophomore Heather Baker

“There needs to be a program where students can learn at their own pace. Students are out under a lot of pressure to get things done at the pace of the rest of their peers.” — Freshman Ava Huske

“Having a building that you know is safe, a place to learn and somewhere that you get to feel like you are an important contributor to the community.” — Art teacher Brianna Guinn

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