Question of the Week | What was your best ever Halloween costume?

What was your best ever Halloween costume?

“This year. I dressed up as a purge character.” (pictured above)

Sophomore Hannah Sievers

“Mine was Captain America.”

Freshman Anthony Callebresi

“I dressed up as a ninja.”

Freshman Rhett Parry

“This year’s costume. My friends and I went as Purge characters and got a bunch of compliments from it.”

Sophomore Abby Wallin

“Probably a couple years ago when I was Mercy from Overwatch.”

Sophomore Heather Baker

Parent teacher conferences were last week. What do you hope your teachers said about you?

“That I definitely turn things in on time, and that I never talk.”

Freshman Sadie Hartwich

“I hope my teachers didn’t say that I am not very focused sometimes.”

Freshman Payton Wurtz

“I didn’t leave anything out.”

Science Teacher Lisa Hull

“I hope they didn’t tell them I’m on my phone a lot.”

Freshman Carsen Reves

“I hope they mention my grades but leave out how bad at math I am on Mondays.”

Sophomore Heather Baker

What is your go-to order at your favorite fast food restaurant?

“Number 1 meal at Chic-fil-A.”

Senior Kyndal Maike

“Freddy’s: kids cheeseburger meal with a crap ton of fry sauce, sweet tea, and a mini chocolate milkshake. 

Freshman Payton Wurtz

“Orange cream shake at Arby’s (seasonal).”

Science Teacher Lisa Hull

“I’ve been waiting for this one. Obviously Freddys, get the original double, fries, sweet tea, and a mini chocolate brownie delight concrete. Best thing ever.”

Freshman Rhett Parry

“McDonald’s happy meal 6 piece with apple slices and a chocolate milk.”

Freshman Carsen Reves

“Chicken nuggets with fries and water, no matter where I’m at.”

Sophomore Abby Wallin

“Raising Cane’s: Caniac Combo with no coleslaw and extra bread. Lemonade to drink.”

Junior Jacob Meseke

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