Question of the Week | What’s your favorite homecoming tradition?

What’s your favorite homecoming tradition?

“Definitely the Pep Rally!”

English Teacher Sierra Page

“Going to the football game”

Freshman Elise Ford

“Building the floats!”

Junior Zach Frank

“Window painting”

Freshman Kendra Conrad 

“Either the parade or float decorating”

Senior Dee Glotzbach 

In honor of labor day, where do you work, and what is something not everyone knows about your job?

“I mow lawns, it is not as easy as you’d think”

Junior Zach Frank

“I work at The Plaza of the Flint Hills. I can sell alcohol, and cigarettes but can’t buy them”

Senior Dee Glotzbach

“I work at Sonic. That is it”

Junior Tyler Anderson

“I am a dog trainer! It’s not all unicorns and rainbows.” 

Freshman Mercedes Kershaw 

If you could attend high school in another decade, which would you choose?

“I don’t know… probably this one or a future one.”

Freshman Mya Huske

“‘70s. It had peak fashion.”

Freshman Mercedes Kershaw  

“‘70s because of Dazed and Confused”

Senior Ryan Schutter 

“70’s. The rules were so different!”

Art Teacher Brianna Guinn

“I attended high school in the 1970’s but I would not go back!”

Science Teacher Lisa Hull

Answer next week’s question here.

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