Thought Bubble | Horror films not just for Halloween

Most of the times my family and I have a movie night, we pick a horror movie. 

My brother and I are more into them than the rest of my family, but they tolerate it. 

My love of horror started when I was young. I started out watching the Goosebumps television series with my brother when I was little. I thought it was scary at the time, but it’s clearly for kids. Still, the small taste of scariness got me hooked.

One of my first real horror movies was “Hush.” It was in middle school, and I watched it with my friends Allyson, Rebekah and Paxton. It’s about a deaf girl who lives alone in the woods. A stranger shows up to torture her and she has to fight for her life. I loved how realistic it felt, even though it convinced me I never want to live alone in the woods.

I loved it so much that I watched it four times.

That was the start of my horror movie obsession. I can still never watch them alone. I always need friends to watch with me. Although lots of people enjoy horror around Halloween, It doesn’t matter the time of year for me — I’m always watching scary movies. 

One potentially boring thing about horror movies is that some have the same plot, so you already know what’s going to happen. That doesn’t bother me. I like seeing references to other movies, or revisiting universes like “The Conjuring” over and over.

For those who don’t enjoy watching horror movies, have your friends join you. I’ve seen horror movies in the theater, but I definitely prefer to watch them at home. Being in my own space takes the edge off of the horror a little bit. 

I enjoy getting scared because it keeps me entertained. Jump scares and suspense keep me emotionally connected to the film. Other types of movies can just be boring.

My favorites include “Us,” “The Meg,” “A Quiet Place,” “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” and “Lights Out.” Right now my brother and I are rewatching “The Walking Dead.” 

So while there are a few days left in October, make some popcorn, get some blankets, turn all the lights off and snuggle up for the scariest movie you can find.

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